About Double Noir

The Company

Double Noir is a Canadian company with a long history in the craft of acrylic-making. Our goal is to offer beautiful, durable and unique pieces of décor and furniture. Acrylic is our weapon of choice, and mountains are the inspiration. 

The Products

Each piece of furniture and décor is an eclectic mix of man-made and natural materials. Pieces are individually crafted, thus no 2 are the same.

Acrylic is our favorite medium for its ability to house other materials, holding them still and intact through time and weather. We only build robust furniture that will last a lifetime; our pieces reflect this promise, and therefore are heavy and designed to withstand any storm. 

The Matter

Acrylic is a recyclable material that begins its journey as a liquid, and hardens through a pressurized baking process. It is crystal clear and can host solids as well as liquids.

About Double Noir Acrylic