How to care for acrylic furniture?

Acrylic furniture is virtually indestructible, but it still requires some attention! 

With minimal care, your furniture will retain its original appearance and last a lifetime. 

Cleaning spills or stains

A soft cloth alone is often all you need. Microfiber cloths like the ones used for cleaning cars are a great tool to make sure the surface of your acrylic table remains unscratched. For more stubborn stains, use a mixture of mild soap and water. Mild soaps may include any unscented product, or soaps made of vegetable or herbal oil.

Avoid using anti-bacterial soap, abrasive cleaners, household or window cleaners, alcohol or compounds as they will damage the surface forever!

Removing scratches

Scratching may happen in the event of rough handling. Make sure to cover your acrylic furniture with a soft blanket before moving it! To prevent superficial scratches, we recommend you use coasters for glasses or other tableware.

Novus products are a great option to fix small scratches and restore your furniture to its original sleek surface. In the event of a major accident, contact us to send your item in for a professional polish. 

Exposure to Elements

We only use top quality acrylic for all furniture pieces, thus your items can be kept in direct sunlight without any risk of discolouration. Outdoors use is not recommended. 

Avoid placing your acrylic furniture next to open flames or a radiator. Although unlikely to happen with regular household use, prolonged exposure to high heat could cause the surface to stick. 

Furniture is meant to be used an enjoyed. Rest assure that your Double Noir pieces are built to last and will hold up to the many memories you create in your home!